Carlsen Vs Karjakin Game-3


In this 3rd game Sergey Karjakin tried to play safely using the Berlin defense that was so successful in Vladimir Kramnik face Garry Kasparov in 2000. But Magnus Carlsen tries to keep the queens on the board.

Carlsen plays 10.Te2 instead of 10.Te1 natural and surprise Karjakin who spent more than 25 minutes to answer 10 … b6. Kasimdzhanov and Vallejo Pons have played that shot, 3 draws and a win for White. 10.Te2 monitoring 11.Te1 is a very subtle idea.

By following Karjakin plays solidly and the game is fairly equal. Carlsen but is not willing to do short and continues to put pressure with 23.Cc4. Playing in this position with a rider is easier.

The turning point of the game is the 30th shot when Karjakin, surely too optimistic, played 30 c5 Ta2 monitoring allowing Carlsen won a pawn in the 35th move.

Not much of Carlsen built an advantage in his typical style in the manner of Jose Raul Capablanca, . Karjakin tried hard to save the game.

Finally Karjakin manages to save the game with 1/2 points.



November 15, 2016
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