Attacking the enemy King is most player’s favorite part of the game. But as we face stronger opponents, more precision is needed if we wish to break through and deliver checkmate.

In Attacking Play, GM Susan Polgar shows how to build strong attacks based on where our opponent’s King is. If the King is in the center, we want to keep him there while opening lines as quickly as possible. If he is on the opposite side of the board to our King, a pawn attack will be dangerous. On the same side, we need to bring our pieces to bear down on his position.

GM Susan Polgar analyzes model games for each type of position, highlighting typical sacrifices and ways to make things difficult for the opponent. This will help develop your attacking intuition, knowing when sacrifices will pay dividends and when we should proceed more slowly.

Attacking Play will teach you when to start an attack, how to get at the King and how to make defending as difficult as possible for your opponent.


GM Susan Polgar

is a FIDE Senior trainer and has coached some of the best players in the world. GM Susan Polgar has decades of experience of coaching at the highest level. A former prodigy, she knows what works and what is most useful at the board. The Polgar Method is loaded with lessons and practical advice to increase your  chess understanding and help you find the strongest move at the board.

Course Curriculum

Video Lesson
1. Attacking the King in the Center 00:35:00
2. Attacks with Kings on Opposite Sides of the Board 00:25:00
3. Piece Attacks with Kings on Same Side of the Board 00:15:00
Practical Part
Puzzles 00:00:00
PGN files 00:00:00

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