What Will I Learn?

 Learn the basics to becoming a Chess Master

 Have a deeper understanding of Chess tactics

 Enhance your strategic thinking

 Force checkmate in the endgame

This course is for Beginner to Intermediate Chess players who want to begin learning and continue honing their chess skills. This course consists of 4 parts:

Section 1: The Basics

Section 2: What to do in the Opening

Section 3: Tactics in the Middle Game

Section 4: Checkmate in the End Game

By the end of the course, every student should have a good idea which overlying strategies to implement in a game of chess, as well as the tactics needed to play out that strategy. This course is ideal for the people interested in being fluent in Chess tactics, and who also want to have fun doing it!


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Chess Rules – The Ultimate Guide for

GM Igor Smirnov


I have been coaching chess for the last 3 years at the Boys and Girls club at Monterey, and have been playing chess for over 50 years. In that time I have played Grandmasters (and lost), played blindfolded games, and had many a chess rival. It is one of my greatest hobbies, and one of the subjects that I have the most extensive knowledge of.

Course Curriculum

The Basics of Chess
1. Introduction 00:14:00
2. Layout & Special Moves 00:08:00
3. Checkmate 00:04:00
4. Stalemate and Draws 00:05:00
5. Chess Notation 00:09:00
Section 1: Basics Quiz 00:00:00
What to do in the Opening
6. Fight for the Center 00:04:00
7. Develop your Pieces 00:05:00
8. Develop your Pieces (Cont’d) 00:06:00
9. Castle your King! 00:04:00
10. Opening Play 00:09:00
Section 2: Opening Quiz 00:00:00
Tactics in the Middle Game
11. Pins 00:11:00
12. Skewers 00:09:00
13. Forks 00:13:00
14. Discovered Attack 00:10:00
15. Double Attack 00:08:00
Section 3: Middle Game Quiz 00:00:00
Checkmate in the Endgame
16. Mate with Rooks 00:09:00
17. Mate with the Queen 00:09:00
18. Mate with the Minor Pieces 00:09:00
19. Pawn Promotion 00:09:00
20. Pawn Promotion (Cont’d) 00:06:00
Section 4: Endgame Quiz 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:02:00

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  1. Excellent course


    Excellent course. Returning to chess after a long absence, this course is just what I needed to refresh my skills.


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