mHave you ever played blitz chess tournaments in your club or on the Internet? Have you won some good games and tournaments in blitz? Were you finding a steady increase in your progress? 

If your answer is “No” or uncertain – then your results will be unstable.

That is because you need to have a sharp mind to calculate a lot of moves within a few seconds. And this can be done only by repetitive practice and experience.

Not even all grandmasters have stable results – there are only few GMs like Fischer, Morphy, Tal, Capablanca and Anand who can be recognised as a ‘Blitz Master’.

Only the person who has more knowledge on a certain topic, an expert on that topic, can teach it.

‘Blitz Master’ GM Maxim Dlugy to teach you those skills; you can learn and, more importantly, incorporate them into your games and become a ‘Blitz Master’ too!

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