The Polgar Method, as applied to the opening, encourages understanding of the major plans for both sides as opposed to merely memorizing a series of moves. This way, when the game inevitably takes a different course, we still know what to aim for, what to avoid and what to watch out for.


In this first volume, GM Susan Polgar teaches the London System, a versatile opening which can be played against almost any response from Black. We look at how to play when Black doesn’t fianchetto the dark-squared Bishop with …g6.

In these positions, Black usually focuses on the Queenside with …b6, …d5 and …c5 in some order. By examining the most instructive games in these lines (from Blackburne in 1889 right up to Magnus Carlsen in 2016), Susan shows how to build a powerful position, what weaknesses to target and how to prevent Black’s plans. You’ll also learn a few cunning traps.


GM Susan Polgar

is a FIDE Senior trainer and has coached some of the best players in the world. GM Susan Polgar has decades of experience of coaching at the highest level. A former prodigy, she knows what works and what is most useful at the board. The Polgar Method is loaded with lessons and practical advice to increase your  chess understanding and help you find the strongest move at the board.

Course Curriculum

Typical games
Lesson 1: Velazquez – Acosta 00:17:00
Lesson 2: Blackburne – Harmonist 00:08:00
London System
Lesson 3: Against …b6 and …c5 00:25:00
Lesson 4: Against …d5 set-ups 00:18:00
Lesson 5: Against …b6, Carlsen – Tomashevksy 2016 00:15:00
Black delays …e6
Lesson 6: Black delays …e6 00:25:00
Final Notes
Lesson 7: Final Notes 00:05:00
Puzzles 00:00:00
PGN files 00:00:00

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