This superb 15 hour course from prodigy GM Naroditsky reveals his method for getting better at chess. Broken down into sections on the opening, tactics, calculation, positional play and endgames, Daniel explains what you need to do to get real improvement in each of these areas.

In each of the 18 chapters, GM Naroditsky selects his favorite examples and talks you through his chess philosophy and thought process, guiding you around all the common mistakes players make and delivering you to the perfect solution.

In addition, Daniel reveals his method for training and improving in each area: how to build an opening repertoire that suits you; the best ways to improve your tactical ability and how learn the endgame.

As someone who has experienced phenomenal success and rapid improvement, Daniel’s advice on how to apply what he teaches is invaluable and his focus on principles makes this advanced material accessible to any determined improver.

Includes a 1 hour bonus of Daniel playing online blitz, voicing his thoughts and analysis in real time!


Rapid chess improvement is possible at any age, you just need to train in the right way. The Naroditsky Method not only gives you all the training guidance normally reserved for students of Grandmasters, you also get Daniel’s brilliantly clear explanations of what’s really going on in every type of position.


  • The #1 mistake players make in the opening – so simple but a game-changer! (Chapter 1)
  • What you need to do to snowball the initiative into a winning advantage instead of letting it fizzle out. (Chapter 6)
  • When to trust your intuition and when to calculate – time-saving advice that eliminates errors. (Chapter 7)
  • What imbalances are and why they’re your new best friend. See how Anand’s understanding of imbalances was enough to brilliantly destroy Ivanchuk – Vassily only realized he was lost 28 moves later! (Chapter 8)
  • The ‘Falsification’ technique and why it’s the best thing you can do to become a master calculator. (Chapter 10)
  • The ‘reason’ many players don’t like playing endings is based on a misconception. Daniel’s explanation of what’s really going on will make you love the endgame! (Chapter 16)


GM Daniel Naroditsky (2646 FIDE)

He has been ranked No. 1 in the U.S. in his age category for the past eight years. He is also the youngest published chess author in history, having his first book published at age 14. At the 2010 U.S. Open, Naroditsky scored 7½/9 to share second through fifth places, behind Grandmaster Alejandro Ramírez and tied with Grandmasters Alexander Shabalov and Varuzhan Akobian.

Course Curriculum

Method 1
1.1 Laying the Groundwork part-1 00:32:00
1.2 Laying the Groundwork part-2 00:25:00
2.1 How to Select an Opening Repertoire part-1 00:33:00
2.2 How to Select an Opening Repertoire part-2 00:10:00
3.1 Punishing Opening Rebels part-1 00:38:00
3.2 Punishing Opening Rebels part-2 00:14:00
4. How to Study the Opening 00:50:00
5. Opening Preparation 00:31:00
6.1 Initiative part-1 00:28:00
6.2 Initiative part-2 00:18:00
Method 2
7.1 Intuition part-1 00:27:00
7.2 Intuition part-2 00:13:00
7.3 Intuition part-3 00:17:00
8.1 Imbalances part-1 00:17:00
8.2 Imbalances part-2 00:25:00
8.3 Imbalances part-3 00:20:00
9.1 Becoming a Tactical Beast part-1 00:32:00
9.2 Becoming a Tactical Beast part-2 00:22:00
10.1 Calculation part-1 00:36:00
10.2 Calculation part-2 00:17:00
10.3 Calculation part-3 00:26:00
11. Introduction to Positional Chess 01:00:00
12.1 Unspoken Rules of Positional Chess part-1 00:30:00
12.2 Unspoken Rules of Positional Chess part-2 00:13:00
Method 3
13.1 Understanding Piece Placement part-1 00:22:00
13.2 Understanding Piece Placement part-2 00:21:00
13.3 Understanding Piece Placement part-3 00:13:00
14. Introduction to the Endgame 00:26:00
15. Theoretical Endgames 00:36:00
16.1 Practical Endgames part-1 00:26:00
16.2 Practical Endgames part-2 00:18:00
16.3 Practical Endgames part-3 00:14:00
17.1 Endgame Tactics part-1 00:19:00
17.2 Endgame Tactics part-2 00:19:00
18. Common Themes and Concepts in the Endgame 00:32:00
Bonus Lesson
Blitz Session 00:58:00
Q&A Session 00:08:00
Practical Part
Puzzles 00:00:00
PGN files 00:00:00

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