Free Training: How to use the Polgar Method for Serious Improvement

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GM Susan Polgar has had phenomenal success at chess training, both as a former prodigy and as the award-winning coach of SPICE.  The proof of her method’s effectiveness can be seen in the records she set (including former Women’s World Champion and the first woman to become a full GM) and the achievements of her students (see Wesley So, now a world top 10 player).


The Polgar Method is all about understanding the logic behind moves. Why one move is better than another. How we can find the strongest move in a real game situation. All of this is made memorable by demonstrating GM games, showing how ideas play out.

Expect to learn:

  • What you must do if your opponent delays castling.
  • How to defend against attacks along the h-file.
  • How to convert small positional advantages into a win.
  • How you can combine tactics with strategic play to win more games.

There will be plenty of tips and ideas for you to take away from this free lesson and use immediately. It should also help you think about chess in a clearer fashion, allowing you to get to the heart of a position quicker.

June 15, 2017

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