Power of centralised pieces in chess

There are several important advantages that come from centralising your pieces and aiming to have strong control over central squares. The centre is the most important part of the chessboard, as pieces from the centre can easily move to either flank at great speed.


Below are a few advantages of having centralised pieces:
chess center

  • they control many squares
  • they enjoy increased flexibility
  • they can attack and defend both sides of the board
  • they can dominate the enemy’s pieces
  • and lots more


On this occasion, IM Boroljub Zlatanovic will teach you with an instructive example – a game played between Akiba Rubinstein and Grigory Levenfish in 1911. In this game, you will see how Rubinstein punished Levenfish for his very risky moves (and sacrifice) without completing his development.

April 16, 2017

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